The Team
behind WESI
The Team
behind WESI

We provide energy personnel who are experts in their field.

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We Know
The Upstream Industry

Waterford is run by industry professionals, each with decades of experience…we know what can go wrong and how to prevent it, most others do not.


Waterford has in-house Subsea, Drilling, Completions, QAQC, Subsurface, Software Solutions…we have all bases covered like no other.

We Support
Our People

Waterford can provide staffing if you want, but we also want to stay involved and support our projects and help you achieve success.


Transforming WESI for the digital energy industry, we seek out academic and industry partners to collaborate while developing transformational software tools.

More than 18 Years
of Experience

Waterford is an industry leader in Upstream Industry Consulting and Innovative Solutions.


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hours worked in 2019


projects over 16 countries
  • Justin Meyers

    Sr. Project Engineer & Offshore Regulatory Specialist

    Sr. Project Engineer & Offshore Regulatory Specialist An Industry professional with 15 years...

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  • Victoria Pollard

    Process Engineer

    Process Engineer Victoria is a Process Engineer with experience in the upstream, midstream, and...

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  • Stuart Reid

    Wellhead SME

    Wellhead SME Subsea Equipment and Operations expert with over 30 years’ experience in the offshore...

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  • Aaron Dondale

    Cementing SME

    Cementing SME Aaron is a Subject Matter Expert for well cementing and achieving permeable zone isolation....

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  • Amanda Perry

    Drilling/Completion Fluids and Solids Control SME

    Drilling/Completion Fluids and Solids Control SME Amanda’s background is as a Drilling Fluids...

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  • Don LeBlanc

    Sr. Reservoir/Production Engineer

    Sr. Reservoir/Production Engineer Don is a Sr. Reservoir/Production Engineer for conventional and...

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  • Paul MacDougall

    Operations Manager

    Operations Manager Paul is a Professional Engineer, with over 10 years of experience in the onshore...

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  • Jennifer Arlow-Peddle

    Operations Coordinator – QHSE Lead

    Operations Coordinator Jennifer is an administrative professional with over 20 years of experience....

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  • Marie Andrews

    Account Manager – Finance Assistant

    Account Manager Marie is an administrative professional with over 15 years’ experience. She has...

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  • Steve Wagner

    Area Manager - TES

    Area Manager – TES Steve is a professional engineer with over 17 years industry experience...

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  • Manav Sharma

    Data Scientist

    Data Scientist Manav is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Computer Science at Dalhousie...

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  • Raghav Gupta

    DevOps Lead, Analyst, Developer

    DevOps Lead / Analyst / Developer Raghav is a seeker who heads DevOps and the cloud resources at...

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  • Navkaran Kumar

    Lead Developer, Security Analyst

    Lead Developer / Security Analyst A self-driven problem solver with always energetic attitude to...

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  • Dijana Kosmajac

    Lead Data Scientist

    Lead Data Scientist Dijana is an expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for social media and...

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  • Akshey Singhal

    Data Scientist

    Analyst / Developer Akshey is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Computing & Data Analytics...

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