Wells Project Management Software


W-Assure is a powerful software tool that permits Waterford’s clients to achieve world class performance in wells project planning and execution. W-Assure has been in development over the last 24 months and brings together 3 key aspects of any well construction project – people, equipment, procedures – and integrates these aspects into a single platform to assure excellence in project planning, which leads to execution success.

With the recent industry downturn, WESI invested significant resources into an initiative capturing key aspects of its business and services to clients. In order to offer these services to a higher standard, at a lower cost to clients and with greater efficiency, W-Assure was born.

Positive results have been immediate. The QAQC module has been successfully deployed for over a year with a Major Oil and Gas client on their multi-well project. This module allows equipment verification and incorporates powerful reporting features, notifications, and mobile technology linking our field surveyors with office personnel.

Rig Intake as well as Training and Competency are two additional modules ofW-Assure. These modules have already facilitated world class results for a recently completed Deepwater Rig Intake and this success has enabled several additional Rig Intake projects for 2017-19.

Well integrity and abandonment modules are being integrated into our W-Assure platform and due for release later this year on another multi-well abandonment program.

WESI has listened to clients and acted. We must be able to do more for less and have a meaningful impact on projects. W-Assure has helped WESI to achieve this goal and leaves us well positioned for the new realities of today’s industry.