Well Abandonment Teams


WESI is seeking multi-skilled offshore workers experienced in the intervention service sectors of E-line, Slickline, Coil Tubing and Pumping operations. For our current projects, applicants must be Canadian. Please send your CV to [email protected].

WESI constantly seeks ways for our clients to achieve success in a cost-effective manner.

Our Well Abandonment Teams (WATs) include multi-tasking specialists who can lead or assist in pumping, slickline, e-line, and coil tubing applications. This approach minimizes POB (Personnel on Board) on an installation and individuals can perform multiple functions, rather than using different crews for each operation. WESI’s methodology for selecting, organizing, leading and integrating WATs involves strict attention to Training and Competency using W-Assure. After action reviews form a key component of team learning and forming a high-performance unit.