Composing procedures and design documents requires a platform enabling seamless incorporation of the RIGHT information to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time. The most timely and effective step in the well delivery process is before operations commence. WESI clients use a variety of time-consuming manual tasks to complete document preparation to a wide range of quality standards. ​W-Procedure is designed to eliminate this time-consuming manual tasks, it is ​a standardized platform to create technical documents in a smart way. It is integrated with WESI NLP tools W-Learn for auto suggestion of past Lessons Learned, Best Practices, Incident Reports and Equipment Manuals and W-Comply for automatic compliance check of well delivery documents with industry (e.g., API, ISO, NORSOK) standards and internal company policy thus flags areas of concern for inexperienced staff and frees up senior personnel and prevents mistakes by inexperienced personnel preparing key plans and procedures with insufficient oversight and/or ineffective management system.